Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Conspiracy Theory Rant

Anyone who has spent any amount of time surfing the Internet knows that there is no shortage of conspiracy theories out there. You can find websites, articles, books, YouTube clips, and individuals "exposing" all sorts of conspiracies - from the JFK assassination to 9-11, from Area 51 to the Committee of 300, from the Illuminati to the Tri-Lateral Commission and everything in between.

The moon landings were faked, the Earth is hollow with a Master Race living inside, the Jews control the world banking system, AIDS is a CIA plot, those trails of airplane exhaust are really secret government experiments, Procter & Gamble promotes Satanism, Bush/Cheney are going to reinstate the draft after the 2004 election, Bush is going to declare martial law instead of turning power over to Obama.

Ooopps! Those last two didn't come true despite the many claims floating around the Internet prior to the elections. Oh well, being proved wrong never bothered a good conspiracy theorist.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - 99.8% of the conspiracy theories floating around the Internet are pure BS. And the other .2% are wildly exaggerated.

Why am I so dismissive of conspiracy theories?

1- Too many people know about them. Want to know about the Committee of 300? Or the Illuminati? Or the Jews evil manipulation of the world's banking system? There are lots of people with websites, books, videos, and articles that will "expose" the deep, dark, secret conspiracies. Sorry, but it just isn't much of a secret if it is so easy to find out about.

2- People expose them for years and years. If these secret (but apparently well-known) organizations are really doing such dangerous, dastardly deeds behind closed doors, and someone managed to somehow find out about them and tried to expose them, they wouldn't last very long.

The CIA or whatever appropriate "secret police force" would shut them up long before their books, articles and websites were published. The fact that there are individuals who openly, and for decades in some cases, "expose" these conspiracies, and live to tell about it, is pretty much proof that there is nothing to them.

3- Hundreds, if not thousands, of ordinary people would have to be in on most of these conspiracies for them to actually work. Believe the moon landings were hoaxed? Think for a moment about who all would have to be in on the conspiracy - the astronauts, NASA officials, scientists and technicians, politicians and government employees, set designers, lighting crew, photographers and so forth. Even accountants and bookkeepers handling the financing of the conspiracy would have to know something was up. It would take a hell of a lot more than just a handful of people to pull it off, and the more people involved, the less likely a conspiracy is to be successful.

4- Gives too much credit to the Government and Politicians. To successfully carry out these conspiracies, our politicians and government officials must be extremely smart and extremely competent. I don't know about you, but when I look at the government I generally see incompetence, not brilliant masterminds.

Besides, I am a member of the Illuminant and the Committee of 300, so I know what is really going on. Believe me, all you conspiracy theorists out there - you are not even close to guessing the truth. Bawhahaha...

Okay, for the sake of clarity, let me emphasize that the previous paragraph was a joke (or was it?). But it does bring up...

5- If there are any real conspiracies out there, we wouldn't know about it. And we certainly wouldn't be able to read about it on the Internet.

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

1- It is a great cottage industry. Lots of people push conspiracy theories for a living - writing books, magazine articles, newsletters, collecting speaking fees, hosting radio shows, websites and so forth. It is a great way for some to make a buck.

2- It makes you special. Knowing the "truth" that most others don't know makes you more special, smarter, and less naive than the ignorant masses. At least in your eyes. In reality, it probably makes your friends, family and co-workers make fun of you behind your back.

3- It validates your hatred. So you hate Jews, Bush, America, Capitalism, the Pope or whatever. Believing in conspiracy theories gives you an excuse for your hatred. It is not that you are an angry, hateful, bitter person, or a bigot or a racist or something else bad. Instead, it is that you know the "truth" about the object of your hatred, therefore you don't have to feel bad about being a hater.

4- It is fun! Some conspiracy theories can be fun to believe in - alien autopsies, Area 51, and so on. Some have been turned into entertaining movies, such as National Treasure (conspiracies surrounding the free masons) and The Da Vinci Code (religious conspiracies surrounding the Holy Grail).

A Kernel of Truth

Most really good conspiracies theories do contain a kernel of truth. JFK really was assassinated. The Tri-Lateral Commission really does exist (you can write to them and they will send you a nice brochure, which is really odd behavior for such an evil secret organization. Yes, I have written them and they did send me a brochure and some other literature). Because of this, most conspiracy believers I've encountered will hold fast to that kernel and refuse to believe in reason no matter how much proof they are given. You cannot reason with someone who is unreasonable, which is why I tend to not argue conspiracy theories with people.

If this essay has upset you, please send me your name and address. I will be glad to send some special black helicopters your way to help cheer you up...


  1. You are so full of poop.

    1. I run http://rationalsurvivor.com/ and I love conspiracies for fun! Tell me you are not fasinated with crazy David Ike. Lizards on mars? come on, thats better than any scripted reality tv series.

      I think another reason why I love conspiracies is because they take a different approach to a subject and get you to think differently about it. Just like ancient aliens :)

      If you ever wanna come on Rational Survivor Podcast and talk Limited Government, Individual Freedom, Economic Prosperity please let me know!

    2. Thanks for reading my rant. You're right, some conspiracy theories can be fun!

      I'll check out the Rational Survivor website and podcast this weekend. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  2. There are a dozen very important truths that were heralded as conspiracy theory inthe last 10 years. World changing truths.

  3. Thank you for being a lone voice of reason in the wilderness! I have an otherwise intelligent friend who insists that Bush/Cheney rigged the 9/11 crash. No amount of reasonable discourse will bugde him so I can only pity his dillusional mindset. I, too, believe we are too lazy and comfortable to perpetuate an ongoing coverup like a fake moonlanding or the 9/11 tragedy.

    1. If you bothered to read the volumes of devastating material online about 9/11 you would not be so condescending. Get informed. The government story is a lie.

  4. They also distract people from solving our real problems.

    1. This is VERY true! Thanks for the great point.

  5. Why the link now to a 4 year old article?

    By the way has anyone else noticed that thanks to some very brave whistleblowers, alot of so-called Conspiracy Theories have become undeniable Conspiracy Facts as of recently?

    "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". John 8:32

  6. Replies
    1. Obama would flood America with illegals before the 2016 election

      Obama is a Muslim and is funding terrorist groups ISIS and HAMAS

      Anyone denying that there is a NWO agenda is just incapable of seeing what is going on around them...like standing on a railway track looking only one way...nup can't see any train coming...BANG!!!

  7. "Would love some examples..."

    Fisa Courts/NDAA

    NSA Spying/GPS Tracking

    Posse Comitatus / Annual Declaration of State of Emergency

    DHS/Police State

    Nationalized Media


    Certain People have been declaring to the masses for decades now that every single item mentioned above was in the process of being (or having already been) implemented against the American Citizen, and for decades, those people were considered as nothing more than Fringe/Conspiracy Theorist. Just because they weren't declaring "Aliens shot JFK", doesn't mean they weren't falsely ridiculed by a vocal minority whose intent it was to make a mockery of them that left little room for imagination once branded as one of those "Conspiracy Theorist" (what we now know all to well as "Alinsky Tactics"). Sadly, i'm sure looking back upon their "wacky theories" now, they may feel some sense of retribution knowing that they were right all along, but unlike most of those that mocked them, i'm sure they're intelligent enough to recognize the cost at which their redemption has come (while sadly those that mocked, continue to do so, because thats all they have to offer).

  8. Thanks for the examples. I'll dispute the nationalized media claim. Extremely biased, yes. Nationalized, no.

    I'll let the reader's decide for themselves about your other examples. Personally, I think they are real examples of government over-reach, but don't think they actually qualify as the type of grand conspiracies that I'm writing about.

    I do appreciate your reply.

  9. I didn't see you at the last Illuminanti meeting or are you the one who brought the stale donuts?

  10. No. I was the one who brought the 4-cheese Lasagna. Hope you liked it. Its my Grandmother's recipe.

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