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Wednesday 3-9-2016
Please take 20 minutes to watch this video. I do believe that traditional Christians are already being treated like second-class citizens in the US, and that things are likely to get much, much worse in the future. I will be talking a lot about this issue in Red Pill News.

Video: Coming Persecution of US Christians Will Be Severe
 Tuesday 3-8-2016

Monday 3-7-2016
  • 27 giant profitable companies paid no taxes - At first blush, this looks like a Crony Capitalism story, with certain companies getting special tax treatment from the government (thanks to their lobbyists and well-placed campaign contributions. And it is. But it is also a great opportunity to point out the fact that actually NO companies pay taxes. Rather, they merely act as tax collectors, embedding the cost of taxes into the prices they charge their customers. Raise their taxes, and they will pass on the tax increase to their customers through higher prices. Or, if they cannot raise prices, they will find the money by reducing expenses, which means lower wages and possibly lay-offs. This is one of the many problems that would be fixed by switching the the Fair Tax, which is explained in this You Tube video: 
  • GERMANY BANS SAUSAGES: Pork banned in cafes and schools to 'not offend refugees' - The Muslim refugees aren't wanting to fit in to European culture. Rather, they are demanding that European culture change to fit Islamic culture. And the weak and politically correct Europeans are going along with it.
  • German water park segregates men and women after two sex attacks by Muslim migrants - This line from the article says it all: "The Islamization of Germany proceeds apace, and to oppose it would be “racist” and “neo-Nazi” and “Islamophobic.
  • Why You Need To Prepare For The Cashless Society: “They Want An Intimate Knowledge Of What You Buy and Sell” - Those who follow me know that I've been talking about the move away from cash for some time now. There are two main reasons behind this push: 1) using cash makes it harder for governments and corporations to track your behavior, and 2) the bankers can't make money off cash that isn't deposited in their banks, and with the likelihood of negative interest rates in the future, people will be incentivized to keep cash on hand and not in the banks. Get rid of cash, and folks will be forced to use the banking system even with negative interest. 
  • Holding Cash = “Nefarious Behavior” - More in the War on Cash.

Saturday 3-5-2016

Looks like cooler heads are starting to prevail in the GOP, as a number of people in leadership positions are now throwing cold-water on the idea of a brokered convention, including Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Senator Ted Cruz. The reality is any attempt to steal the nomination away from the voters' choice will destroy the party. The only legitimate chance to stop Donald Trump is for Ted Cruz (unlikely) or Marco Rubio (even more unlikely) to somehow manage to win at the ballot box. Although I personally am supporting Ted Cruz (the only solid Constitutional Conservative running), I am enjoying the panic of the ruling class at loosing control over the voters.

In other news:

Friday 3-4-2016 

Pay little attention to this morning's rosy job numbers - jobs being created are mostly low-paying jobs (wages actually dropped in Feb.) in retail and restaurant industries. Labor force participation rate is still near all-time lows with 93,688,000 Americans not working. Like all government economic statistics, the unemployment rate (currently 4.9%) is heavily cooked to give a much more positive picture than actually exists.

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