Saturday, June 23, 2018

Patriots' Prayers - Against Demonic Influence

Thank you for praying this week's Patriots' Prayers with me. I do believe that our nation is under demonic attack. This week's prayer combines both a prayer asking for forgiveness for our nation and a traditional prayer for protection against demonic influence. Please pray this prayer now, and several times throughout the week. A video version of this week's prayers is at the bottom of this transcript. 

 Patriots' Prayers - Against Demonic Influence

Heavenly Father, we have sinned and deserve the just punishment for our sins as a nation that has rejected you in every possible way. And yet, Lord, we cry out for mercy for ourselves, our families, and our nation. 

We come before You now to place all our sins upon the cross of Jesus, and ask to be washed clean by His precious blood. Forgive us, and help us to turn back to You as our Lord and our God. We confess Your lordship over every aspect of our lives and our nation. Help us to turn back to You, and follow Your ways once again.

But we need Your help. There is much work to be done to turn our nation and its people back to You. And there is much standing in out way, trying to prevent our return to You.

Almighty God, who delivered Your people from the bondage of the adversary, and through Your Son cast down Satan like lightning, deliver these United States of America also from every influence of the unclean spirits. Command Satan to depart far from these United States by the power of Your only begotten Son. Rescue this nation and its people from demonic delusion and darkness. Fill the American people with the light of the Holy Spirit that we may be guarded against the snares of the crafty demons. Grant that angels always watch over our nation and lead us to the path of righteousness forever, to the honor of Your glorious name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.


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