Thursday, March 22, 2018

Twitter has suppressed my account

It has become obvious that Twitter has shadow-banned, throttled, or otherwise suppressed my main account (@TimGamble). I first suspected this several weeks ago when my interactions (likes, retweets, comments) from others suddenly fell by 80% from what they used to be.  Even according to Twitter Analytics, my Tweet impressions have fallen by 44.6% in the last month. I haven't lost followers, and I am making as many tweets as before, so there is no real reason for such sharp declines.  So, I decided to run a little experiment.

I decided to post the same comment, at the same time. on the same day, using the same hashtags (#maga #news) to both my Twitter account and my GAB account (same id: @TimGamble). I would then compare the interactions on both. Since my Twitter account (over 10,000 followers) is much larger than my GAB account (about 1,300 followers), the Twitter post should receive a lot more interactions than the same post on GAB. Here is the post, and the interactions:

"USA Today has article in which they blame soaring teen suicide rates on not enough funding for mental health & addiction programs. No. Cause is public school system indoctrinating teens to believe their country is bad, traditional values are bad, human life isn't important & world is ending anyway (climate change)."

GAB Interactions: On GAB, this post earned 40 likes, 25 reposts, and 9 comments. A total of 74 interactions. Most of those within the first hour after posting. 

Twitter Interactions: On Twitter, this same post received 0 likes, 0 retweets, and 0 comments, for a total of 0 interactions.  

Same post, same day, same time, same hashtags. 74 interactions with my much smaller GAB account. 0 interactions with my much larger Twitter account. Any doubt that Twitter is messing with my account in some way?  

Why is Twitter suppressing my account? I don't know for sure. I do know I am quite civilized in my behavior on Twitter and elsewhere - no personal attacks, no threats, no obscenities or vulgarities. In other words, I have not given them any legitimate reason to suppress my account, which is probably why I haven't been banned outright.  I suspect that the reason is a number of pro- second amendment tweets I made in the aftermath of the Florida school shooting in February. The timing of the suppression of my account fits perfectly. 

What I'm doing about it

Twitter is a private company. They can treat their customers as poorly as they want, for whatever reasons they want. What they need to realize is that doing so will only hurt them in the long-run, as customers move on to better platforms. 

I will remain on Twitter for now, but have decided to move most of my activity to GAB (please follow me there at I also have a back-up account on Twitter @RusticLife1 which hasn't yet been suppressed.

The problem with GAB is that it has a bad reputation as a hang-out for white supremacists, neo-nazis and other unsavory folks. There are those types on GAB, but I have found most folks there to be just regular folks. The few bad characters I've noticed in my timeline, I have simply unfollowed them and removed them from following me. Problem solved. 

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