Saturday, February 25, 2017

I'm Back... Just in Time for Spring Planting!

My regular readers may have noticed that I've been oddly quiet over the last month or so.  My eye condition (diabetic retinapthy) took a turn for the worse in early January. The good news is that a new round of injections and some new medication has stabilized my eyes and has even already improved my vision noticeably. I have two more sets of injections scheduled, and would appreciate any prayers for the healing of my eyes.  

Although my "screen time" has been limited, I have been quite busy the last couple of weeks getting ready for spring planting, working on building my garden beds. I've about doubled the amount of garden space from last year and am looking forward to a large and productive garden this year. I planted onions this week, and will be planting spinach, lettuce, and mixed greens (turnip and mustard) next week.

Please check back often. I have several new articles planned oover the next few weeks!

Thanks for your readership!

Tim Gamble 


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