Saturday, January 14, 2017

You've Been Lied To... Discover the Truth

 One of the titles of our Adversary is "Father of Lies." It is a apt title, for one of his main strategies is deception, and he has been at it for all of human history. 

We have been lied to repeatedly by the government, authorities and "experts" of the worldly system. In school we receive indoctrination, not education. The mainstream news media is little more than a PR firm for the worldly system of the Adversary. Lawyers, politicians, and bureaucrats have worked hard for generations to impose the the Adversary's worldly system upon us through government and law. Political correctness is nothing more than a societal enforcement of his lies.

We have been lied to about Biblical Truth, history, civics, economics, science... the list goes on and on... 

I suggest prayer and the study of Scripture as the first and best defense against the Father of Lies. Next, spend time finding out the Truth for yourself. To that end, each week I will suggest a book or video exposing Truth in the face of Lies, posting the suggestion in the "Discover the Truth" section at the top of the left-hand column of this website. I will also keep a running list of past suggestions below:

Week 1 - Brilliant: Made in the Image of God - Scientific & archaeological facts validate the Biblical Creation account.



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