Monday, December 26, 2016

Top 10 Articles of 2016

Here are the top 10 most read articles on this year. Thank you all for making 2016 a smashing success for this website!

10) The Top Priority for Long-Term Survival - long-term survival is about food production

9) Gypsy Survival - A Different Prepper Strategy - this alterntive prepper strategy of high mobility is fast becoming my "Plan B"

8) 48 Hours Until The End - What are your final preps? - a mental exercise: if you knew that a major disaster (an EMP event, political collapse, economic collapse, etc.) would happen 48 hours for now, what would your last-min ute preparations be? 

7) Emergency Numbers & Websites Everyone Should Know - a list of Emergency Numbers and Contact Information you should have with you at all times

6) Urban Camouflage (more than just the "Gray Man") - going unnoticed in the city and suburbs is about more than just the "gray man disguise"

5) The War on Cash - Prepare for the End of Cash - the push to eliminate cash is about one thing: control
4) Things To Do Before The Collapse - here is the stuff you need to get done before any major societal collapse happens

3) What To Do Before Losing Your Job - doesn't matter if you're concerned about an economic collapse or just the next recession, here's what to do before Losing your job

2) Things are looking bad - What you need to do NOW - what you need to do to get ready for any tough times that may lie ahead

1) Survivalist Myth? The Golden Horde - I argue, and give real world examples, that the idea of a mass exodus from the cities to the country is simply a myth. Sadly, most folks have learned helplessness and will die in the cities waiting for government to take care of them.


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