Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Favorite Articles For 2016

Yesterday, I posted a list of the 10 most read articles on www.TimGamble.com for 2016. But what are my favorite articles for 2016, and why? What articles do I think are the most useful or interesting?

In Gypsy Survival - A Different Prepper Strategy, I write about an alternative prepper strategy of high mobility that is fast becoming my "Plan B." Its based in part upon the gypsy culture (both historical and romantic), in which you survive by living a simple and very mobile lifestyle, allowing you to quickly move away from danger or towards opportunity as circumstances unfold. 

In a subsequent article, Typical Prepper versus Gypsy Survivalist, I speculate about what the Gypsy Survival Strategy might actually look like in practice. More articles in this series are planned for 2017, as I move to implement Gypsy Survival as my Plan B.

In Skills Every Real Man Should Have, I  discuss one of the main reasons for the decline of Western Civilization - that the traditional role of men, and traditional ideas of manhood, has been intentionally attacked for generations now. I also discuss various characteristics, abilities, and skills that all real men should strive to develop. I actually consider this article to be the most important article I wrote in 2016. 

The Patriot Citizen and Politics is a brief essay I wrote on the proper relationship be between the Citizen and Politics. This is NOT a "telling you who to vote for" partisan piece, but rather explores the proper relationship, in the style of our Founders,  we as citizens, Christians, and preppers, should have with politics. 

In God, the Old Man, and the River, I retell a parable on the importance for Christians to build self-reliance and prepare for tough times ahead. 


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