Monday, June 20, 2016

Things To Do Before The Collapse

Here are some suggestions of things you should do now, before any future collapse happens. Some of the suggestions for things most people know they should do, but for whatever reasons they simply put them off and don't do them. Other suggestions may be new ideas to you.

Buy guns for your children and grandchildren. When I was a kid, my grandfather gave me my first shotgun for Christmas. A few years later, he gave me my first rifle as a birthday gift. If you are thinking of doing something similar for your kids or grand kids, go ahead and do so. Frankly, the second amendment is hanging by a thread with the current vacancy on the Supreme Court. Even if the Second Amendment is never fully repealed, it is likely that serious restrictions will make buying guns much more difficult, and much more expensive, than it currently is. If your kids or grand kids are too young, go ahead and buy the guns now, so that you can give the guns to them when they are old enough. Of course, obey all guns laws, and make sure you instruct them in gun safety!

Get a metal roof on your house. They are more costly than regular roofs, but they have several benefits, including increased energy efficiency (thus lowering your power bills), fire resistance, and durability (life-expectancy of a metal roof is about 50 years).

Do any other home improvements that will either increase your homes energy efficiency, or reduce future maintenance needs. Ideas include increasing your home's insulation, installing a wood stove, installing energy-efficient windows, switching to LED lighting, and upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances, including hot water heaters, heat pumps, stoves, refrigerators, etc. This last may be especially true if your current appliances are over ten years old. NOTE: Some home improvements may b tax deductible. See your tax professional for advice.

Increase the food production capacity of your property. Prepare additional garden space, plant fruit and nut trees, or install a greenhouse. You're going to need food a lot more than you will need a pretty, well-manicured lawn in the future.

Turn your swimming pool into a water reserve, fish farm,  or even a greenhouse. Many years ago, a friend of mine bought a new house that had a swimming pool in the back yard. Since he and his wife didn't have kids, and cared nothing about having a swimming pool, they converted it into a greenhouse. I've heard of other people who turned their swimming pools into small fish farms. 

You and everyone in your family/group should get a complete physical exam within the next few months. It is much better to catch problems early, and deal with them now. I'm a bad example of what can happen  when you avoid the doctor too long, as I wrote about last year.

You and everyone in your family/group should get a dental exam and cleaning within the next months. Go ahead and get any dental work you need, sooner rather than later.

You and everyone in your family/group should get a professional eye exam this year.  Had I been getting regular eye exams, my health problems would have been caught much earlier, and I wouldn't have had to have eight procedures done on my eyes over the last year!

Double your planned food- and water-storage. Based on what is happening in Venezuela, where people have been reduced to dumpster diving and even eating family pets to survive, I recommend even more food storage than you (or I) were already planning. Consider at least doubling what you think you need.


  1. some solid comments. An illness could be a death sentence. Even if it isn't it puts an additional burden on family members. Many cannot function without glasses. get new ones and extra pares and keep the old ones for they would be better than nothing. Get additional birth control pills or learn the ways women prevented it before the pills. show your daughters. The young think with their hormones for that is natures way. An ounce of prevention. We need more basic survival methods that we see the value of not the handy dandy Altoids tin.

  2. Excellent suggestions. Lately I have also thought about keeping my basement dry when there is an extended power outage. Putting together a solar power kit and large battery bank.

  3. "Things To Do Before The Collapse"
    What collapse?
    Oh, you mean the collapse so many have been saying is "imminent" now for the last 8-9 years?